Hippos are GOOD on the grounds that the complete name, Hippopotamus, from the Greek, is likewise the appropriate name of the creatures’ class. So in the event that you get off your lethargic ass and say the entire word, you’ll sound like a researcher. See that, you just educated a Greek word. Hippos made you more intelligent as of now.

Hippos are BAD since all they appear to do is lie their fat asses in the water throughout the day, eating up plants and making methane bubbles. Its absolutely impossible a creature with an ass that fat ought to approach that much roughage. This is exactly why they will not serve Tom Arnold cabbage any more.

Hippos are GOOD since they discharge a characteristic sunscreen, regularly called ‘blood sweat’ for its rosy earthy colored tone. So this mid year, on the off chance that you essentially rub your exposed self everywhere on the closest hippo’s ‘blood-sweat-soaked’ body, you will not get singed. Makes Coppertone seem as though a major puddle of rhino piss, dunnit?